Cooperation with implantologist, dental surgeon and orthodontist

Our dental office cooperates with implantologist and dental surgeon, which expands the range of performances that we can offer to our patients.

Implantology deals mainly extractions of wisdom teeth and teeth that are too damaged (for example decay, trauma or inflammation) and we are not able to save them. Among other dental surgery procedures include removal of the root tip, dental sacs, and cysts.

Dental surgery - using dental implants we can replace missing teeth or provide berthing for dentures. The advantage of treatment with implants is the possibility of reconstructing missing teeth using crown or bridge reconstructions where previously came into consideration only the dentures.

Orthodontics targets on the right teeth positioning. In case of an orthodontic defect (esthetical, tooth rotation, wrong teeth positioning, wrong occlusion or traumatic bite on a certain tooth, inappropriate jaw occlusion), orthodontic treatment is the best choice. This way we prevent future complications, such as difficult decays, predisposition to gum problems and paradontitis and in some cases toothache. In many cases, orthodontics is the best solution of esthetical problems.