Fixed prosthodontics - highly aesthetic ceramic and metalloceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns - they have a metal shell on which porcelain is fused in a high heat oven. The metal provides strong compression and tensile strength, and the ceramic gives the crown a white tooth-like appearance, suitable for front teeth restorations. The ceramic can be color matched.The ceramic covers the whole surface of the metal crown or it is made just the partial veneer covering the visible aspect of the crown (the remaining surfaces of the crown are bare metal).

All-ceramic crowns: The method of fabricating all-ceramic restorations is by electronically capturing and storing a photographic image of the prepared tooth and, using computer technology, crafting a 3D restoration design that conforms to all the necessary specifications of the proposed crown. Crowns can be also made of Zirkonia Oxide and they are becoming more popular due to their high translucency and durability.

Overlay - laboratory prepared complement of a missing tooth part, over the biting area of the rear teeth. In case of a minor tooth damage, overlay is a more reasonable solution than jacket crown.

Esthetical dental facets - thin ceramic plates fixed to the front teeth complete the missing hard dental tissue, unify the front teeth appearance and improve the smile esthetics.

Advantages: High aesthetics given optical properties of ceramics, smooth surface without microporosities and color stability.