Teeth whitening, jewelry

Teeth whitening is a requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry. There are two options for our patients - in-office or at-home whitening. In-office whitening is done by dentist or by dental hygienist using whitening gel during several appointments. At-home whitening means that a special carrier (made individually in the laboratory) is filled with a whitening gel and it is applied by patient during several nights at home.

Jewelry - pieces of tooth jewelry are small glass crystals (diameter app 1.5 mm) designed for dental use.They are applied to the visible part of the teeth, mostly to the second upper incisor. Dental composite material attaches the crystal to the tooth. It is the decoration of teeth, you can choose from several colours.

Internal tooth whitening - this procedure is applicated to the front teeth which have changed their color because of an injury or endodontic treatment.